“I was thinking about how blessed I am that I am working here. Working for The Mortgage House is the best thing that ever happened to me. At The Mortgage House, you work with the most caring and loving people.”

Nancy Nabavi, Sr. Bookkeeper, Calabasas, 1998-present

"I have been associated with The Mortgage House for the past 12 years as Vice President/Branch Manager of the Stockton Branch office. I have worked for a number of national mortgage companies over the past 42 years-- Mason McDuffie, ARCS, National Pacific, Fifth Third Bank, Pacific Republic, Old Kent and GMAC Mortgage. All of the above were very good companies, but they were national with many management levels, a big upper chain of command and an antiquated bureaucracy. Many times it took days to get an answer to a simple question.

At The Mortgage House, it is quite different. We have hands-on management and ownership. We have everything the big boys have, but none of the bureaucracy associated with them. Processing is local, underwriting is local, with direct access to the Underwriting Department. We fund locally also, which gives us control of our closings.

The management of The Mortgage House treats the Loan Officer as the client, working with them to give the best service possible. There are no levels to go through. If the Branch Managers need assistance from the President of the company, we have an open line to him. Decisions are made quickly with the client’s needs and concerns considered first and foremost.

The Mortgage House, Inc. has gone to great measures to give us the best programs, rates and fees for our borrowers. We have a really good benefit package, and the compensation package for our loan officers and office staff is excellent.

With 42 years working in the Mortgage Business, I can truly state I am thankful to be working for The Mortgage House, Inc., and I intend to end my career with this great company."

Fred B. Womack, Vice President, Stockton Office, 2005-present

Why The Mortgage House?

Simply put, it is a great place to work. Quality folks, from our Receptionist to our Regional Manager. Everyone here in my office realizes that we are all in the same business - doing loans. And everyone is focused on that end. There is no competition for clients among loan officers; information is shared freely. The entire staff is ready to assist with an exchange of ideas. The manager, processors and underwriters are willing to sit down and discuss difficult loans. And we usually find a way to make them work. We are frequently given problem loans by other mortgage lenders because they know we can get them completed.”

“Education is an ongoing event at The Mortgage House. From regular staff meetings disbursing the latest loan information to weekly updates on locking, rates and investor changes. I have been here since 1996 and I have enjoyed every minute. Please come and see what we are all about.”

Sam Cotton, Sr. Loan Officer, San Luis Obispo Office, Top Producer since 1996

This is simply a great company, the culture of family and caring about the employee runs through the whole company. The process flow is streamlined and solid all the way through. Underwriters are easy to reach, all very nice and eager to be of help, always having a positive attitude about how to get the deal done. I can get my loans closed quickly! I have tried other companies, larger and sometimes with more programs, but their many levels of management and the inability to get fast answers makes a loan officer’s life miserable. The Mortgage House is outstanding.

Jody Brooking, Sr. Loan Officer, San Luis Obispo Office, 1997- 2012; Returned 2016

“I love working for a company that is all about family. The Mortgage House has a great ability to retain employees over long periods, and that is very important to me. When you can pick up your phone and have 100% support from the CEO and others down the line, it helps us in our business. We rely on our in-house underwriters who are always there for us to make our deals close. We meet new challenges in this business every year and full support of your company is key for me.”

Karen Davis, Vice President, Temecula Office, 1997 - present

I am so glad that I have come back to The Mortgage House and am a part of this team.

The way we are able to work through the many complexities of this industry and be supportive of each other and productive constantly impresses me. Just this morning I went to underwriting and had personal conversations that worked out details on two separate loans. That kind of interaction doesn’t happen in most companies, but is a regular occurrence here.

It is nice after 30 years in the business to still find this kind of environment to work in. I can’t imagine wanting it any other way.

Kevin Hauber, Senior Loan Officer, San Luis Obispo Office, 2014 - present