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At The Mortgage House Inc., we take the needs of our clients very seriously.

Purchasing a house is one of the biggest events that will occur in a person’s life and we make sure all questions and concerns are answered. Our experienced and knowledgeable loan officers will do everything to make the process run smoothly. Come see us for your purchase and refinance needs and you will be pleased with the speed and efficiency.

1131 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-3902

(805) 782-6999
(800) 644-4030 toll-free
(805) 782-6998 / 782-6945 FAX
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Our Loan Officers

    Jeff Beyer

    Loan Officer

    NMLS ID # 403616

      Bob Bevan

      Loan Officer

      NMLS #200698

        Jody Brooking

        Sr. Loan Officer

        NMLS #263165

          Sam Cotton

          Sr. Loan Officer

          NMLS ID # 263585

            Nancy Foster

            Loan Officer

            NMLS #266111

              Kevin Hauber

              Sr. Loan Officer

              NMLS #266334

                Rudy Madrid

                Sr. Loan Officer

                NMLS #356650

                  Mary Trudeau

                  VP/ SLO Division Manager

                  NMLS #334371


                  The team did a fantastic job dealing with a problem loan and wrongly attached caivrs claim on my loan. They worked tirelessly and professional to have the caivrs removed and allowing the loan to go thru. OUTSTANDING SERVICE

                  R. S.

                  You do something that most lenders don’t do – besides closing un-doable deals (a technical term), when someone asks you a question, you answer the question but also give them other options that they may not have thought of. I don’t know why more lenders or real estate agents don’t do that. You’d certainly hope those professionals had more knowledge of alternate options than the average customer, but not that many offer a menu of options. They just answer the question, even if it isn’t the best option, or even it that answer doesn’t solve their problem.

                  M. McN.

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