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Our Philosophy

Our company is founded on some basic and important principles that we ask you, as a member of our “House” to embrace as well.

We are dedicated to being a truly unique company that reflects quality in everything we do.

We stand for excellence! Our goal will be to do whatever is necessary to responsibly serve our customers.

We will uphold the highest levels of personal and professional integrity and honesty. We will always be truthful with our customers, associates and service partners.

We will find time to have fun! We will maintain a positive attitude and try to keep smiles on our faces, no matter which side of the business cycle we find ourselves. We remember that nothing is worth jeopardizing our health or our psyches.

We will do everything possible to maintain a sense of family. Everyone will pitch in and help: we will act as a team; office politics will not be welcome in our “House.”

We just closed our third mortgage with the Mortgage House! TMH is the best! Honest, professional, and extremely knowledgeable! The Mortgage House values quality over quantity - they are a model for other lenders. We wouldn't go anywhere else for our mortgage needs - thanks Mortgage House!

Gil C.

Wow! What fantastic service. I recently purchased my first home and was referred to The Mortgage House by a friend. They have such a fair and honest team, and made the whole experience so easy and comfortable. I highly recommend this shop for anyone in the market for a mortgage. You won't be disappointed.

Cameron A.